After years of anticipation, week after week of hearing about this damm basement, we FINALLY got to see what Grisha had been hiding from Eren in Attack on Titan Episode 56 – The Basement. And oh boy was it an eye opener for real.

The pacing of this week’s episode was excruciating painful to watch. Not in a bad way of course. I understood why they did the first half of the episode like that. It’s to remind us the viewers of the long journey that Eren and Mikasa had to endure to get to where they are now. To see how much things have changed since that fateful day. However, at this point, I just wanted to see the contents that dwelled in that Basements, so I didn’t care for all the emotional weight at this stage. When Eren tried the key at the lock and it wouldn’t open, I was almost about to lose it. Thank God Levi came in to kick down that door. They searched the basement for a bit to see if there’s anything that’s of value. Everything seemed fine until Mikasa found Grisha’s drawer with a lock on it. And that’s were the revelation came about. This is what blew my mind.

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There is a whole ass civilizations, more advanced and further developed than Eren world outside of these walls. It’s so advanced in fact that they got blimps and photos. And we saw these technology while Grisha was still a child, so who knows how advanced it’s gotten since then. Of it it’s still there. Ironically, even during Grisha’s childhood, humans weren’t allowed to go past the walls, however this time, they had to wear armbands of sort. What it signifies, I don’t know yet. They ended that episode by answering one question, but in return giving us 20 more questions to solve and ponder. I don’t even know where to begin or what to think. I’ve always known that they’d be other humans out there. It’s been hinted at for years now, but I didn’t expect a civilization to have technology advanced enough to have blimps and photographs. This changes everything.

So what are they trying to tell us? That Eren and his people are subjects of some fucked up experiments by the advanced people? That they’re in a way living in a fucked up Matrix? Or are they about to tell me that these humans are livestock for some sick cannibalistic group of humans? Bruh, I don’t know what to think anymore. The bigger question is, why did Grisha leave is hometown? He clearly must have learned something horrific that led to him abandoning his home. Either way, this shit’s about to be wild next week.

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