The title is a bold statement, but it’s kinda true. Like anything in the tech world, things evolve, and the old gets replaced. Why do you think Sony and Microsoft have decided to team up. They can sense the climate changing and have realized that they too need to evolve.

Look, right now Stadia has the potential to change how we play games, however with it’s current price tag ($9.99 + paying $60 for a game), it’s going to find it quite tough to find that market audience willing to buy into this new form of gaming. Of course, early adopters of tech will most likely try it out, but the main consumer base will need convincing. I mean, Google must have done a lot of R&D before even going with Stadia, so there’s no denying that they see a market for Stadia, and with Apple always on the move, it certainly proves it.

I guess from my perspective, it’s kinda hard to see the bigger picture  for what’s install for us but I am interested to see how this will all pan out.

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