We learned quite a bit in Demon Slayer: Kimsetsu no Yaiba Episode 10 about Muzan’s personality and how he deals with the demons that he creates, and also why these demons don’t band together to hunt.

Before we get into that, lets talk about Tanjiro’s fight. In order to survive the barrage of assault, he uses multiple forms of the Water Breathing technique to hold out against Yahaba’s final Blood Demon Art, the “Kouketsu Arrow.”Although it looked cool on screen, I couldn’t tell or gauge how strong each these attacks were in hindsight. I think the only gripe I have with this anime is how they never explained how he’s learning all these attacks. They main character just busts out all these attacks and we as viewers are expected to just go along with it.

Nezuko’s fight with Temari girls was basically a football match to the death, with Nezuko getting stronger with each kick. At least with Nezuko, we kinda understand how and why she’s getting stronger but with her, her strength is meant to be a secret for us to uncover as the anime continues.  In the end it was Tamayo who kills Temari girl by unleashing her blood demon art that causes a victim to loosen their tongue.

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It looks like if any demon utters Muzan’s name out loud, his curse will be activated and arms will shoot out of the victim’s body and brutally murder them. Yeah, it was the end of the aftermath that really shows the cruelty of Muzan. The Temari girl turned out to be a little girl who begged Tanjiro to play with her. Tamayo made an important point about the way Muzan has been conducting himself.

According to Tamayo, Muzan seems to be afraid of something. Last episode I talked about how his pale skin and the fact that he doesn’t like anyone commenting on it proved how sensitive he is to it, so maybe it’s death itself that he fear. Either that or he fears immortality and he’s creating demons that will one day be powerful enough to kill him. Of course the latter makes no sense since he curses them right after creating them so it remains to be seen what he’s afraid of.

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