Yeah, guess I’m sold on this new Pokemon game. Pokemon Sword & Shield brought in some of the core thing’s I’ve been looking forward to in a 3D Pokemon game.

I’ll start with the biggest feature announced, the Dynamax feature. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling that feature all too much. All it those is make your Pokemon bigger. It doesn’t change their moves nor those it seem all that practical aside from increasing your Pokemon’s moveset. I guess in from an aesthetic point, it does create an interesting experience on the battle field but as it stands, it’s a meh from me. That and the two Gen 8 dog-like Legendaries – the sword carrying Zacian and shield-faced Zamazenta. Both seemed lame in my opinion. Everything else though was great.


We got to see a more of the open-world known as the Wild Area, which lets you control the camera as you traverse the region of Galar. The best part about this section is that it incorporates some of Pokemon Lets Go feature that allows for Pokemon to roam the world freely, adding a more immersive adventure. This is what I’ve wanting ever since I played Pokemon Red back in the day, That alone sealed the deal for me.

Then there’s the raid called Max Raid Battles which can be found in the Wild Area. They’re pretty self-explanatory and remind me of Assassin’s Creed Origins method when they introduced the Egyptian gods for you to battle. You go to a beam of light, queue up with three other player and you then battle against a Dynamax version of the Pokemon in question.

Overall, I’m thrilled to play this to installment of the Pokemon series on the Switch. It’s dropping on 15th November worldwide.

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