Somehow, I completely neglected the fact that Boondocks was finally coming back with a Season 5. As you’d imagine, I got very excited to see one of my favorite animation finally returning, until I remembered Season 4 was a thing! Now, I’m concerned.

Alright, I’ll be honest, I didn’t neglect the news outright, I heard about it but I wanted to wait a bit to see whether the news was true. As time passed on, I ended up forgetting it. Anyways, John Witherspoon confirmed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the Boondocks were coming back.

Now here’s the big question that’s on everyone’s mind, will Aaron McGruder and everyone that work on Season 1, 2 & 3 return for Boondocks Season 5? See, Season 4 undeniably tanked horribly because of the absences of  Aaron McGruder. Everyone that watched that season knows that season 4 had no soul.

So if he’s not on-board for this season 5 then I wouldn’t get too hyped up if I were you. The reason why I liked Boondocks was that it kept it real. Very few animations can do that these days, so I really hope that Season 5 faithfully captures the vibe from the first three seasons.

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