Bro, for a split-second, I thought they were about to do my boy dirty. I was on the edge of my sit watching Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 55 – Midnight Sun.

As I thought, Armin actually survived that scorching that he received from Bertholdt. Before we get into all of that though, Zeke made contact with Eren after escaping from Levi’s wrath, to which they had a small dialogue exchange about Eren’s father betraying them both. Now, at this point I honestly don’t know who to believe anymore. Zeke could be telling the truth but we’ve had this sort of situation before with Krista and her father so I’m not about believe him and what he says just yet. I mean, they’re not about to tell us that the scouts have been the bad guys this whole time, are they? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Then, Levi shows up still on that vengeful blood-lust, my man looking like a determined murder standing on top of the wall, which prompted Zeke to proclaim that he will save Eren one day and runs away.

Now this is were the bulk of the episode focused on. As soon as Eren finds out that Armin was still alive, he begs Levi to give him the injection so that they can save him. Surprisingly, Levi was hesitant to comply, but ultimately almost gave the serum to Eren until random scout number 52 shows up with a dying Erwin on his back.

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This causes a huge discussion on who to save, the leader with the most experience or the youth with the most potential out of all of them. I had no idea how this was going to play out, since I wanted Armin to live so bad, yet I understood Levi and Hange’s point that they needed a leader with a lot of experience. At the same time, I couldn’t ignore the input that Armin had made throughout the entire series. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have gotten where they’re now. This was an intense moment.

Ultimately, Levi made up his mind to save Erwin. This lead to Eren giving one last plea, telling him of Armin’s dream to see the ocean. That part hit me like a truck, I’m not gonna lie here. You could feel the pain in Eren’s words as he spoke to Levi. Yet, that still didn’t change his mind. In the end, it was Erwin’s twitch while having a dream about his childhood school days that finally made Levi realize that it’s time for his friend to rest. Man, either way, Erwin was always a character that impressed us all and to see him like that, yeah it hit me in the feels too. He died in his dreams, reliving his childhood school days. I’m positive that he wouldn’t have liked to come back to life after sentencing all those lives to die along with him. After that mission, it’s best for him die a hero that to live as the devil.

Overall, this episode was great. Armin becoming the second Titan on the team was exactly what I wanted, I didn’t want him to die just yet as he has a lot of potential as a character. It’s almost poetic when you think about it. The guy that almost scorched him to death, was the very same guy that he  had to eat to come back to live. Speaking of which, I was amazed that Bertholdt had the audacity to beg for his life after the shit that he did.

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