If there’s one thing that stands out in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9 – Temari Demon and Arrow Demon, it’s the smooth ass animation when Tanjiro was dodging them Temari balls and those arrows. Sometimes, I forget how agile that man can be in battle.Those scenes made the episode in my opinion. If there’s one thing that this anime continues to nail extremely well, it’s those gorgeous animation sequences.

Anyways, the episode starts out with the two demons making their move on Tanjiro and the rest of the guys. It’s here that we learned that Tamayo is a fugitive of the demons and thus, became a target. Tanjiro tries to fight of the Temari Demon but is unable to get a good read on the Temari’s trajectory.

Temari Demon girl was the one that did most of the attacking at the beginning, even knocking Yushiro’s head clean off. Look, I don’t know what it is about that Temari Demon but her personality is dope as hell. The way she would attack and use those Temari thing, on top of her overconfidence and demeanor was pretty cool in of itself. I really hope she doesn’t’ get killed just yet. I think this is the first demon with some actual dope personality. I also think her design also helps set her apart from the other demons we’ve seen so far.


As for the Arrow Demon guy, his abilities are damm near OP if you asked me. If it wasn’t for Yushiro sharing his demons eyes with Tanjiro in order to see the arrows, there’s no doubt that Tanjiro would’ve died right there and then. Even with those eyes, he still proved more that enough of a challenge for Tanjiro.

Now, there’s actually something that’s been bugging me about Tanjiro’s abilities and techniques. Like the opening thread for example. At first I thought it was just something that the episode and anime would use to let us, the viewers know that Tanjiro has a good lock on to his target, I didn’t know it was actual tech with a name. Also, when did he learn all those water techniques? Like the previous techniques, I thought they were there for aesthetic reasons, not actual magic techniques that manifested out of thin air. Maybe I’ve been watching this anime wrong this entire time. Like, they really just be pulling the out his ass huh?

Overall, the episode was pretty good. With Tanjiro, supposedly killing the Arrow guy, all that’s left is the Temari girl. This is the first time I’m hoping a demon escapes. She’s just so much fun on screen.

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