You know, I have heard that outro hundreds of times since this season started, but only now did it hit me in the feels. This Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 54 – Hero caught me off guard.

So, where do I even begin with this week’s episode. Erwin’s plan to use the scouts as a distraction in order for Levi to get in close was pretty cool. While the scouts where running right at the Titans, we had a monologue from one of the scouts thinking about a girl that’s taking a nap. That was a good touch to remind us that they all have lives waiting for them home and a reason for fighting. They’re not just meat shield…most of the time.

Zack even commented on his disappointment in these humans and how they’re repeating past mistakes. He even got frustrated by it, and mentioned how he’s not his father. So there’s another character that we’ll get to meet soon enough. Seeing Levi tear in on Zack was pretty damm cool. No matter how hard Zack tried to get Levi off of him, it was useless. Levi tore the beast titan apart with ease and secured Zack. Unfortunately, the Intellect Titan swooped in and saved Zack before Levi could get away with him.

Now then main event of this episode was Armin and his plan to stop the Colossal Titan. He plan was split the team into two, with himself and Eren taking on Bertholdt , while the rest handled Reiner. It was here that shit got real. When Armin was monologuing to himself about the plan and how he’ll probably won’t get to see the sea, I knew what was coming next. I didn’t want to believe it.


This was the only time I was willing to accept an asspull if it meant that my boy gets to live. His plan was simple, yet brilliant. He realized that the Colossal Titan used up a considerable amount of energy to produce his heat and when he released the steam, he couldn’t move. So he used himself as bait to stall the Bertholdt  long enough for Eren to make a copy of himself and sneak up on him.

My man held on long enough for it to work, but too long as he got fried up completely. Yeah, that scene got me! I legit didn’t expect him to die. Like, I know Levi has that serum on deck, so my hope his that maybe there’s that slim chance that Armin is still alive, and so would warrant Levi or Eren to use the serum on Armin. If you remember on Attack on Titan Season 3 Final Episode 12, we got that glitchy scene of Levi asking Eren and the rest if they have any idea what they’ve done, and in that scene we can see a burned up body. What if Levi was referring to the lose of Armin, or the use of the serum on Armin?

Then again, Levi was releasing steam from his own body the entire scene so maybe he used it on himself. Shit, I don’t know what to think anymore. All I know is Armin’s death scene was amazing to say the least. H went out in a blaze of glory for humanity. Overall, the next episode is where things are really going to heat up.

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