Muzan Kibutsuji has only had a couple of minutes to shine in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 8 and already I think he’s going to be dope ass villain.

Now, only five minutes into the episode and we already have an idea of what motivates and drives Muzan Kibutsuji to act in the way that he does. For example, in the previous episode I was wondering why a guy that’s creating demons that end up killing humans would have a family composed of humans. Now I think I know why. When that drunk guy in the alley commented on Muzan Kibutsuji paleness, it completely triggered him. This led to him lashing out and killing that guy and his friends. It may be that having a human family that see him as human is somewhat of a copping mechanism for him. Either way, my man’s sensitive when it comes to that.

Not to mention that there’s some type of connection between Muzan Kibutsuji and Tanjiro after all. One of the many questions I had about by Muzan Kibutsuji attacking Tanjiro’s family personally and completely slaughtered them was always a puzzle to me. Finally we know the motivation was vengeance that lead Muzan Kibutsuji to wiping out his family. The earring that Tanjiro wears must have belonged to someone of Tanjiro’s ancient relative, who might have possibly caused Muzan Kibutsuji to look as pale and close to death as he does. Or defeated him in battle and left him to die.

IMG_20190521_145512In any case, we soon meet Tamayo and Yushiro, two demons who are able to control their thirst for human flesh. They are able to get by, by drinking the blood of humans in small samples. Now what’s interesting is that that Tamayo was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji himself  and then Tamayo was able to turn Yushiro after two decades later. Now, it was pointed out that Nezuko is a special case, a demon that sleeps to replesjich is not normal, and because of that, hold the key to figuring out how to turn demons back to humans. Keep in mind that Muzan Kibutsuji himnslef turned Nezuko into a demon, and judging from his hatred towards that family, I woundlt be surprised that Nezuko state was intentionally and will lead to some tragic moment in this anime.

It’s interesting, but what I wanted to know is why she turned Yushiro into a demon, I know she claims that shes does help other who are close to death, but I wanted to learned how it lead to that but she brushed that off. While they were discussing the possibility of reversing a demon back to human, they get attacked by the two demons that Muzan Kibutsuji sent after Tanjiro, so the next episode we will be seeing some dope ass battles.

Overall, the episode was pretty good. I really like the part were Tanjiro lost his cool the moment Yushiro called Nezuko an eyesore, not to mention how Yushiro jumps at Tanjiro the moment he senses any disrespected towards Tamayo. Moments like these are always appreciated.


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