Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru Chapter 3 – Cut the Cake Tank didn’t have too much of an action scene moment, in my opinion, but it did reveal more world building info about Samurai 8 and a hint that there’s more to Hachimaru than w’eve led to believe.

Now, typical of any protagonist in anime, Hachimaru took it upon himself to give nameless kid a name, given him the name Nanashi, which literally means nameless. At least it’s something. After that Hachimaru gets swarmed by kids asking him about his samurai nature. This event makes Nanashi realise that nothing has changed and leaves the area to go to a temple where his hands begin to ask him about his desire to become a samurai. I won’t lie, I hope those hands get chopped off. There’s something about hands talking that annoys me. Yeah, sounds messed up but since this is a weird cyber world, he can get some brand new ones.

Aside from that, it’s clear that he’s going to become a samurai that rivals Hacimaru to some extent, it’s only a matter of time.If he doesn’t them, he’ll mostly likely be a support character. Actually, the more I look at Nanashi, the more it’s starting to look like he won’t be a rival, but more of a rival to friend type of thing, like how Goku and Krillin started out as rivals but quickly became friends. So a true rival for Hachimaru is still out there.

As Nanashi was having his internal crisis, those pig warriors finally show up with their cake tank, which I’m not sure I remember from the last chapter being a cake, start wrecking havoc in the area. Hachimaru then steps in to stop them but realizes that he can’t draw his sword

Now going back a bit, to the very start of this chapter, we learned something rather interesting. As it turns out, every samurai’s sword is locked by a biological authentication which prevent outsiders from drawing the sword. At least you won’t get stabbed and killed by your own sword.


Fast forward back to the present, Nanashi, watching him from afar and not wanting to let his new friend die, overcomes his fear and steps in to assist in drawing the sword, which lead to a pretty cool panel of both of them slicing the tank in half. Now after the whole event is done with, Nanashi declares that he’s going to get stronger so that the next time they met, he could travel with Hachimaru into space someday. That surprised me, as I expected him to start tagging along with Hachimaru. So it could be that we may not see him for quite some time then once Hachimaru goes to space.

On that topic, when will Hachimaru go to space.? At first I thought that he’ll start going to space after chapter 5 or something but now that I’m thinking about it, it may actually be a while before Hachimaru sets off into space. My reason for saying this is well, he actually has no goal or objective once he’s in space. Is there like a Dojo in space that trains and officially recognizes a samurai’s potential before they’re allowed in taking up missions or are they just free-styling the whole thing. That’s something I’d like to learn soon.

Now for the last part of this chapter, which was something I briefly mentioned in the last chapter, which was his Hachimaru’s father and his connection to that special Samurai sword. Just as I and basically everyone under the sun suspected, the old man is in fact a samurai himself, and that sword may have belonged to him once upon a time. Which begs the question, why didn’t he step up and save his son. You’d think the old man’s got some good trick up his sleeves. And there’s the mention of Hacimaru having an abundant amount of affinity, to the point that the cat questions if Hachimaru is even a child. Things are getting pretty interesting in Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru Chapter 3 so I’m looking forward to what’s in store for us in the future

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