You know what’s funny, over the past few reviews, I’ve expressed how this season of One Punch Man has successfully captured my interested for the plot, to see why the villains and monsters are attacking so aggressively and their end goal. Then I saw a comment that actually gave me a realization. We see all this shit go down, yet there’s no urgency. I don’t feel like anything going wrong nor do I feel like there’s a threat. It’s weird.I mean, we see these S Class heroes clear out these enemies with ease, yet the urgency isn’t there. I’m not referring to Saitama or anything, it just feels like one by one monsters are showing up and just being killed by the next hero that shows up. I don’t even know if their attack is a wide-scale situation or an isolated one. Maybe I’m being picky here but that’s the vibe I’ve been getting. Still, there were some cool parts in this episode. Saitama vs Suiryu for instance was interesting. There was a moment where Saitama took a step back and I thought there might be a chance that this Shiryu might actually put up a fight, but that was a false alarm. Then there was the whole Pig guy thing that was unsettling to say the least.


The only interesting thing that kinda came out of this was the heroes from the sword team, in which that one guy that brought in some monster cells to turn the other swordsmen into monsters. Maybe that will lead into the Monster association turning S class heroes into monsters, considering that big boss guy Orochi made the claim that he could make as many monsters as he wanted. If anything, at least we now know how monsters have come about in their world. Overall, I honestly am getting tired of this build up. I want it to go somewhere or that the very least, show more of Garou as he’s the sole reason why this season has been good for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong here, I know this episode was to highlight just how dead on the inside Saitama is and how desperately he wants to feel alive but we all know this already. I just want one scene of an enemy making this guy sweat if anything. If I see that at least once in this season then I’d be happy.

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