So I watched the final episode, Game of thrones season 8 episode 6, and I really don’t know what to make out of it. It’s amazing how an amazing series could end in such a miserable state.

It’s funny, after the last episode I had no expectations. I literally just wanted to see how they’ll end it out of curiosity. I knew Daenerys would die after what she did in Kings Landing, I knew Jon would be the one to kill her, I just didn’t expect it to be so anticlimactic. I did how the Dragon mourned for her mother, and subconsciously knew to destroy the Iron Throne to say “if she can’t have it, no one will”! What I didn’t understand is how or why Jon was spared. Was the dragon like “yeah, imma let you live cause we fought together and shit”. I’m not sure what that dragon is going to do with that dead body, but it did look cool when it flew off into the mists.

Bran becoming the new King was the only thing I could get behind in that episode. What better way to build a new kingdom for the future than to have the man who learns from the past guide it. It’s a cop out for sure, but a cop out that makes some sense when you see think about it. However, Jon been sent back to the Night’s Watch was bullshit. I get why, but it’s still bullshit. He made no progress as a character for a long ass time and now he’s gets sent back to the very place he started at the beginning? Yeah, you know it was some hot trash.game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-5-grey-worm-swingsOK, that scene did make it clear that Jon isn’t actually going to be at the Wall but will be living among the Wildlings so I guess that’s… something.




Then there’s Grey Worm and the Unsullied. After all that bullshit, with thousands of their brothers dead to get the Iron Throne, losing Missandei, all for Daenerys, only for it all to be in vain. Like, really? And these guys are just going home like that, empty handed. I mean they got a portion of Kings Landings from my understanding but yeah, not sure if it’s worth it considering they’ll still have to bow to a whole new leader.

And Tyrion, the most disappointing character of all in my opinion. Yeah, he made the right move in the end to make Bran the new King, introduced democracy and returned as Right Hand but those actions still didn’t redeem him in my eyes. Those last few seasons made him seem like a guy who gets by on luck alone rather intellect and skills.

There’s theories going around that Tyrion foresaw this thanks to his long chat with Bran before the war but there’s no proof of that and it doesn’t add up too.

Now for Sansa and Ayra. Not gonna lie, their ending didn’t bother me that much. Ayra never had any true goal aside from killing those who killed her family. So after she completed it, she decided to travel West to see what’s on the other side. Fair enough! Sansa’s move to keep The North independent was a smart move from a political standpoint. She needed to win over her people so by ensuring that her people will no longer bow to another king won her that favor and loyalty of her people. Can’t be mad at that.

Overall, I can’t help but feel somewhat empty and disappointed. I’d like to say that not everything will have a happy or bad ending, and if I were to try and look at it from a realistic perspective, wars have always been unpredictable and can lead to any number of unforeseen sceneries. Too bad, with how rushed this felt, I can’t even justify that. Oh well, time to move on I guess.

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