If there’s one thing that I didn’t miss when Attack on Titan Season 3 was still in production, it’s the cliff-hangers. How in the hell are you gonna leave it at that? Aside from that hype moment, Attack on Titan season 3 Episode 53 – Perfect Game, perfectly illustrated and encapsulated the sheer sense of hopelessness that the scouts are enduring right now.This episode really just drilled home the fact that this is a losing fight on the scouts’s end. While one front in the battle is rained on by the flames of the Colossal Titan, on top of the Armored Titan coming back up on his feet, the other side is battered by boulders by the Beast Titan, to which you really gotta ask, how in the hell are they winning this war. Last episode, I was hyped to see Armin take the front line as leader, but the man quickly passed that title to Jean. So they’re screwed.

To be fair, I understand why he did that. Despite his tactical mindset and great observation skills, he knows his own weakness better than anyone and realized that he just isn’t cut out to lead anyone. Jean too, he’s great when it comes to reading situations, however he lacks in forming a solid plan based on tactics and observation. I think, these two will end up leading in unison to compensate each others flaws in the next episode.

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However, while they were trying and failing to stop the Colossal Titan from moving onward to his objective, you gotta appreciate the determination from both sides. We know what’s at stake for the scouts and what it means if they fail, yet we see determination on both the Colossal Titan to reach the wall and just not getting distracted by the scouts, Armoured Titan getting up after losing his head to join in and the Beast Titan continues assault on the wall. This is war and they way these two sides are fighting makes you wonder who’s really in the right here, since we don’t know what driving the enemies of humanity.

Speaking of them, that scene of the Beast Titan hurling the debris at the scouts and causing a cloud of blood was insane, it really set the tone for the remainder of the episode. With a single attack, he wiped out all the veteran scouts, which in actuality was his plan all along when he sent the smaller titans to charge in. Now that I think about it, it’s odd that the taller titans are all lined up in a way that Levi could use them to reach the Beast Titan. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s also part of his plan. This Beast Titan Zack seems to know a lot on how Erwin thinks and plans. Might there be a connections between the two?

Anyways, Erwin’s part when he expressed his dreams of seeing the basement in order to see if his theory wass true was kinda painful to watch. Knowing that you’re this close to achieving your dreams, only for it to be taken away from you is messed up. Then you have Levi coming in like, “Man drop you dreams and go die for humanity”, like a savage boss. That was cold but I laughed I ain’t gonna lie. He had no choice though and led the charge with the new recruits on a suicidal charge, with the cliffhanger been his horse being hit.

Man, the next episode is going to be insane. How in the hell are they going to win this fight. All I know is that Erwin is definitely a goner.

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