Even though we don’t get to see more of Saitama in these episodes, I can’t deny that I’m enjoying seeing the other heroes in the limelight and the other people in this world that re stronger than heroes. One-Punch Man season 2 Episode 6 – The Uprising of the Monsters touches on this little bit more by asking the question about why the Hero association is a thing.

Watching this episode reminded me of Stain from My Hero Academia in the sense that some of these heroes seem to be considerable weaker than the monster that are attacking the city. This is something I’ve started to wonder as I’m watching this episode. A lot of these heroes in the Hero Association and their ranking just doesn’t seem to add up or make any sense. I wouldn’t even be surprised if most them have either bought their way to the top, gotten to that stage through sheer luck like King, by popularity or actually earning their way to the top through their effort and heroics but been few in numbers. Maybe that’s why the Monster group have started attacking so rapidly and in unison.

Maybe the leader of the monsters wants an actual hero who live up to that name-sake to return to the scene. Take Shiryu for example. The guy’s incredibly strong and he’s not even a hero. He’s just some guy that wanted to be strong for the sake of living an easy life. Garou is strong because he wants to be a monster, Genos for his revenge and so own.

It seems those that have ambition that don’t correlate to been an actual hero are stronger that the heroes who risk their lives to save the innocent. My hypothesis is that most of these Class B and up heroes don’t have the same strong ambition at something to propel them to higher goals, causing them to be weak.

This is what sparked Shiryu to give that speech about there been a change within the world of Saitama. That the weak are being cleansed and only the strong will be left. That seems to be the theme of this episode in my opinion. Or this is just the Monster Association finally taking themselves serious and finally realizing that the hero lack resolve and have taken advantage of it.

Or it could be that I’m looking into it too much. Nevertheless, it is an interesting thing about the hierarchy of this world. Heck, even the chair-board of the Hero association were willing to pull all the Class A and up heroes aware from saving lives to go save one kid, because his father pays for 7% of their bills. Wild! Anyways, this whole attack by the villains and the prophecy has gotten me quite interested. I really hope it lives up to that build up.

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