OK, this episode really pulled some surprise gut punches at everyone that watched it last night. Daenerys action in Game of thrones season 8 episode 5 was probably the most talked about event that broke the camel’s back for most people but for me it seemed in line with her character.

I mean, for the longest time, I was predicting that Daenerys would burn down King’s Landing in order to get to Cersei and her army. It seemed logical at the time. Cersei was never the type to give up, so to get to her, they’d need to burn a portion the walls, to get to the Red Keep.

However, after the army surrendered in the end it all seem like everything was under control. Then comes Daenerys out of nowhere, who after looking at the Red Keep for a few minutes, snaps and barbecues the whole kingdom for a good 50 minutes.

I mean, it’s odd for some people but I kinda see why she snapped like that. I mean first of all, Targaryens have been said to be unstable people for a long time now, with the gods flipping a coin to see whether they’ll be good or bad. Whether we should take it literally or not depends on you, for me if we got walking dead and dragons, it’s not too far-fetched to assume that there is something in the Targaryen’s DNA.

Then you have the fact that she’s a descendant of the Mad King himself. Adding also to the fact that throughout the show’s seasons, we’ve been seeing her decline into madness and lose everything that would’ve help her even maintain the Iron Throne and her sanity. Friends like Missandei, supporters, her two Dragons, Jon, Tyrion and everyone else has lost faith in her to rule justly.

Even Daenerys knows this, claiming to Jon that she would need fear in order to hold any sort of influence over King’s Landing. What Daenerys did was messed up as all hell, however it still doesn’t ruin the character, in my opinion. That’s just an action a character who’s had a history of rash ahimpulse would’ve have done. We may not agree with it but it happened. Could it have been handled better? In my opinion, yeah! I feel like there might have been other ways to show her decline into madness but this wasn’t the best way.

There were a lot of other things that did piss me off throughout the episode like why Jamie’s character did a 180 and went back to Cersei or why Arya was even in King Landings. Also, I thought the Dothraki’s were extinct?

So many pointless stuff in that episode with bad plot and writing. At this point, we only got one last episode to watch before it’s all over. Or if it ends! Let’s not forget that this Game of Throne has diverted from the book a long time ago so comparing the characters to their counterpart is a waste of time.

I think people have become too attached to these characters to the point that they ended up fabricating their own head canons. Trust me, this episode deserves to be criticized as all hell but I feel most people are been critical at the wrong things. Don’t forget, she did want to burn the city at some point but Tyrion talked her out of it. She’s been mad for a while, now she’s embracing it.

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