Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Review – The First Video Game Movie To Do It Right!

Alright, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is probably my favorite CGI movie based on a video game IP this year. The story may have been simple, but it more than makes up for it in humor and great CGI.

I really don’t know what to say other than I thought the movie was fantastic. I knew Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu was going to be the highlight of the movie but I did not expect to have enjoyed it this much. Every joke told or humor expressed landed so well and had me laughing out loud. It’s so funny too as I literally wasn’t expecting much going into this movie.

I only wanted to see how they’d handle transforming Pokemon into the real world, and they’ve done a fantastic job at that. Every Pokemon stayed true to the source material, which really helped bring the world of Rhyme City to life.

Yeah, there were times where the CGI looked off and kinda weird, which unfortunately did pull me out of the immersion from time to time. However, the dynamic between Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu and Justice Smith’s Tim Goodman more than made up for it.

The story was the only thing that didn’t impress me all that much. Keep in mind, I’m using impress very loosely here as I knew a story based on a Pokemon game wasn’t going to be all that deep. Still, it had its moments, with twist and turns that would suprise most people. I mean, I won’t lie, I hadn’t anticipated the old man to be the culprit behind it all. The Ditto thing was a nice twist too. I should have seen that one coming.

Overall, I had a blast watching Detective Pikachu. It definitely was made for the fans, but even people don’t care for Pokemon will find enjoyment in seeing a talking yellow mouse solve a mystery in world filled with pocket monsters. I would definitely recommend to give it a watch.

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