Once again, the squad face hardship after hardship, and there seems to be no end in sight no that Bertholdt has joined the fray. Though their Thunder Spears prove effective, Attack on Titan Episode 52 – Descent proves the Scouts’ celebration is short-lived as disaster descends upon Shiganshina.

The first portion showed us a different perspective, this time going way back to the time Eren and the scouts were on that mission in sealing the hole that created by the Armour Titan. This scene answered the question that was asked season’s ago, and that is how Marco died. If I remember correctly, even the scouts asked if anyone saw how he died. Back then I thought that scene wasn’t all that important, other than to highlight how people can die without us having to see them. To paint a picture of how distasteful their fights can feel against the titans.

It turns out that Marco was the first person to learn the truth about Reiner and the rest. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough hide and assess the situation.

Anyways, fast forward a bit, and we finally learn the name of the Beast Titan. Apparently he is known as War Chief Zeke. This is really interesting as it gives us an idea of how things work on their side. At least we know that they operate on an hierarchy of sorts. Not much else is known about Zeke other than his desire to wipe out humanity in order to escape a cruel history. What I really liked about this episode though is how well they made it seem that both sides have something to fight for and because of this it sometimes becomes difficult to gauge who’s actually right in this war for humanity.

I mean, we have another talking titan that’s seem to be carrying titan-shifters on his back. So who knows how many of them there are at this point. For them to be willing enough to kill humans for the sake of their vision is bewildering. Eren can’t fight more that one fighter at a time. If that talking four-legged monster truly has more shifters on his back, then is is a losing battle on the scouts side.

The exchange between Bertholdt and Armin was also interesting and really showed us that both sides have made of their minds to put their lives on the line for the cause. There’s no turning back. And now it’s the Colossal Titan vs the scouts as if they don’t stop him now, Erwin and the rest will get trapped by the flames the colossal titan is creating with his attacks. I’m really looking forward to witnessing Armin in charge now. If they survive this, I hope he gets a promotion, because their odds of winning are abysmal now.

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