Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 6 finally has our boy Tanjiro set out on his first job, hunting down a demon that’s abducting girls at night.

The first few minutes of the episode basically just had the old man explain the outfit’s materials and the meaning behind the black sword. So little is know about this colour that it is said that those who wield the sword have never made it far. Sounds like something that’s going to be OP in the near future, if you ask me. I like the moment the old man checked on Tanjiro attire, it felt like a proud father sending his son off into the world. You can tell that the short amount of time they’ve spent meant a lot to him. This probably is the first student that has successfully passed the trials and is now hunting demons.

Tanjiro sniffing around town for clues on the demon that’s abducting girls at this small town was kinda funny. I wonder if his keen sense of smell is an attribute for demon slayers or it’s something only he possess. It turns out that a morphed demon with the ability to warp through solid surfaces is responsible for the deaths of the girls. To make matters worse, this demon has the abilities to duplicate itself into three demons. Not only that, Tanjiro has to protect the guy holding the unconscious girl as well. 

I know that in my last review I said that Nezuko might be a character that’s going to be on the sidelines while Tanjiro does most of the fighting. I said this because Nezuko’s mind is currently fractured and if exposed long to fighting, it might awaken her demon side and she’ll end up corrupted. Well, that has changed since the old man used hypnosis while she was sleeping to ensure that she will only attack demons on sight while always protecting humans. So basically, Tanjiro now has a reliable ally on the battle field.

We also learned that there’s a demon still alive after thousands of years, the first of his kind and the only one who can turn demons into human and vice versa, known as Muzan Kibutsuji. Apparently he has a long history with Tanjiro’s family and that’s why he killed them. The reason why is currently unknown, however, what is known is that Tanjiro will have to hunt this guy if he wants to turn Nezuko back to normal.

Overall, this episode had a lot of lore and was interesting to watch.

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