OK, now that’s a twist I did not expect. Things in The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 18 – A Conspiracy Linked just got real interesting.Things start off intense with Motoyasu attacking Naofumi out of nowhere without hearing him out. It turns out that Motoyasu is angry and grieving over the information that Itsuki and Ren are dead apparently. This prompted an exchange between the two heroes for a quite a bit.

We saw some cool combos moves from both sides, which is a clear hint that the next time these for heroes finally get their shit together, their combo moves are going to be a spectacle. Or at least I hope so at this point.

Motoyasu’s dense attitude is the most frustrating part of the episode. Not once, did this character show an ounce of doubt or question anything that goes on. Makes you wonder if this guy will amount to anything. Heck even Ren and Itsuki has some form of character development.

However, the real twist came from the attack of the Church. If Filo hadn’t sense the attack coming, they would’ve been fried. Now, I know that the anime wants us to believe that the Sword and Bow heroes are dead but we all know that’s just not likely. They’ll show up in the last minute and all four of them will team up to take down the pope.  Hopefully, they’ll make the fight epic. With that Pope holding up a sword that looks like Excalibur, it better be epic.

Overall, the plot for this anime is continuing to get good, with a lot conspiracies revolving this world. It’s still kinda predictable, but I think I’m more curious to see how they’ll present the narrative at this point.

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