The ideas of being a streamer, Youtuber or content creator is generally enticing for many people around the world. Most would leave their 9-5 jobs in pursuit for that sense of freedom that comes with being your own boss. However, from what I’ve been able to gather through base observation and experience, that freedom is a facade that’s extremely taxing on the minds of creators. Only the strong have been able to cope with this dynamic lifestyle while many of the weak-minded have viciously crumbled.

I’m sure you’ve come across videos or tweets of this nature: “Hi guys, I’m sorry that I couldn’t stream/make videos today. I was so tired which prevented me from working on anything. Be back tomorrow with double or extend stream”. Do you see what’s wrong with that statement? Most people wouldn’t as this has become the standard thing for them. The problem with this type of statements is that the creator had to apologize for being tired. This type of mindset and the pressure to stay relevant can be extremely dangerous to one’s mental health and/or physical well being.

To work with the mindset that maybe your whole livelihood now depends on you working yourself to near death, in order to please people who may leave you for the next latest and hottest creator is not the ideal freedom for anyone. Yeah, you can make your own hours of work, and you don’t have to report to someone at a 9-5 job, but when you’re putting in 18 hours or even more of your life to this craft, and have to be in an constant state of anxiety or fear that if you don’t upload today then you life and everything that you’ve is over, then it’s not right. Not only that, but it’s something that they themselves can’t control for the most part. YouTube/ Twitch are to blame for creating such a hostile environment, especially YouTube.

I wanted to write this for anyone that reads it to ensure that they put themselves and their health first. These people that your slaving away won’t be at your funeral when you die, shit some of them might even meme you if you have a mental breakdown or worse. You have to establish a strong relationship with your followers so that they know to expect and understand your breaks. I’ve seen people talk about the stress that comes with been a content creator but it’s often overlooked or only acknowledged. when it’s too late.

I too wanted to make YouTube a job and what entranced by the idea of freedom of work, but I quickly learned that it’s not a true career path. You can become a YouTube but you gotta ensure that it’s a hobby or a side job while you spread your eggs into different basket. Not everyone will succeed. Yes, working hard aka hustling is what’s hot now, but finding that balance of rest and work is crucial of success. Take your health seriously, before it become serious.

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