Now, initially I wasn’t going to watch this trailer  because I didn’t want to over spoil myself with this movie’s plot but since the internet hasn’t stopped talking about it, specifically about one scene that in theory will change the MCU forever, I had to share my take on it.

Now of course, I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on this trailer overall but I wanted to address the major confirmation of the multi-verse. Yes, the snap that Tony Stark used to set the world back to the way it was, was so strong that it shook the multi-verse and caused tears in the fabric of the universe. Now, Doctor Strange did slightly confirm this too, but it was more in the form of timelines, not multiverses. So not many took it that seriously. Then again, Mysterio hasn’t been known to tell the truth so we will have to take his and Fury’s word on it for now

This is what Marvel needed to essentially bring the likes of X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool to the MCU. It’s also a way to bring the InHumans too if Marvel felt it was necessary, which would be dope to see an X-Men vs InHumans on the big screen. And if it’s not on the big screen then it’ll most likely be in their streaming service Disney Plus. We all kinda knew this but we didn’t expect to be confirmed this soon.

Now for the trailer. I won’t lie, it looked dope as hell but I still don’t like seeing Peter all teched out like that. The trailer was cool and seeing some of the old classic Spider-Man foes come back was great, but that tech suit has to go man. Yeah, I get it Peter is honoring Stark’s memories by wearing the suit and he’s trying to be the next Iron-Man, but he needs to be Spider-Man. The Spider-Man that uses his agilities, intellect and mobility to out-best his foes rather than relying on all those tech to fight for him. At this point, it feels like the suit is what makes him Spider-man, rather that Peter Parker. I dunno know, I’ll have to see the movie to see how it plays out but for now, I’m not a big fan of this new take of Spider-Man.

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