My lord, Attack on Titan Episode 51 – Thunder Spears was beyond intense and hype as hell. Every moment had me on the edge of my seat.

Episodes like these are the reasons why I really like Attack on Titan. Not only do we get epic Titan slaying action, on top of that you also get tactical planning and big brain plays. I missed that a lot.

Erwin’s ability to adapt to the pressure of the Beast Titans plans is something else. He knew that the Beast Titans plan was to kill off the horses first before taking Eren, ensuring that their support line was cut off so he came up with a counter-pan.

Using Eren as a bait to lure Reiner away was a huge gamble. Even though Reiner knew their plan, he had no choice seeing that he couldn’t get the full picture of the situation. It was an interesting play on Erwin’s side. A clear time-sensitive bait that could not be ignored under extreme pressure. Also, we actually learned how Reiner was able to survive Levi’s initial attack to the throat. It turns out that these Titan-shifters have the ability to transfer their consciousness to their bodies at will, which saved Reiner’s life.

Anyways, Reiner and Eren had their round 2 and to my surprise, Eren was holding his own pretty well. Reiner may have the power and defense, but Eren’s grappling techniques is proving to be his biggest strength here. After a few fights and man mean-right hook from Reiner that missed his mark, Eren got Reiner into the right positions for the rest of the scouts to finally make their moves and use their new weapon called the Thunder Spear. I’m not gonna lie, when Hange was explaining it to the team, I thought those things looked lame, but that mindset quickly changed once I saw their destructive powers. It was enough to seemingly break Reiner’s armour and gave them the chance to deliver what seemed like a fatal blow. 

Overall, this episode really got me hyped up to see how this fight will end and what tricks both the Beast Titan and Erwin have in store for us. Erwin was talking kinda crazy like he was about to abandon his position to see what’s under that basements so I wonder will he actually go through with that idea. Also, that scene of the first wave of titans running towards the gate was by far the most hilarious thing I’ve seen so far. Whoever animated that scene most have enjoyed making it.

However, for some reason I feel like this whole thing is for naught as the Beast Titan might have the plan to win this entire thing. I still remember the last season episode where Levi asked Eren what he’s done. I can’t wait to see that play out

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