I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d wake up to the director of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie tweeting that they’ve heard our feedback and complaints and vowed to make changes immediately. However, that’s exactly what happened last night.

According to Jeff Fowler,

This is amazing. Never has this happened before to a movie based on a video game character to my recent knowledge. This goes to show you that despite how Sonic has been performing games wise, he still has a passionate audience out there that will no longer tolerate any more poor Sonic stuff. And to an extent, tolerate bad video games movie. This little blue hedgehog brought us all together.

I couldn’t be happier. I was about to just ignore this movie and put it in the list of movies to never watch but now I’m interested to see how the new change for Sonic will look. Hopefully, a lot closer to his video game counter-part. Which should include his shoes, gloves and everything.

And hey, if they have to delay the movie, then so be it. I’d rather have a great movie that can stand the test of time, than a cash grab that will be forgotten in time.

I also wanted to bring this up too. I wrote something called The Sonic Movie “Leaks” Might Be Genius Marketing By Paramount! Or Maybe I’m Hoping For It To Be The Case! in which I talked about this all been Paramount’s plan all along. Either way lets hope they get it right. I mean if the fans can make concepts arts of what a Sonic in a realistic world could look like with his iconic gloves and shoes, then these guys should have no problem replicating it.

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