OK, let me get this straight. So a powerful queen threatens to kill you and the other heroes last night but the next day you decide to have a casual breakfast like that event never happened? Like the threat never happened and they wasn’t gonna pull up on you? Yeah, Naofumi was wild for that one! Anyways, The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 17 – A Promise Made focuses on Filo’s resolve to get stronger and a past promise.Fitoria tells Naofumi that she’ll kill all Four Cardinal Heroes if they don’t get back on the same page about stopping those waves. It’s been made quite clear time and time again, that they only way these waves can be stopped is if the four heroes work together but when you think about it, they never explain why or how. Then again, the king did tell them to separate as the weapons can’t be close to each or they won’t grow stronger. Well, I think it’s obvious now that those weapons need to be close in proximity to grow to their true potential, leading me to believe that the King is clearly hiding something. Or maybe the King himself is been mislead and there’s a darker conspiracy going on. Well for now, all we can do is speculate. Anyways back to Fitoria’s threat o r trial.

She takes Melty hostage to force Naofumi reconsider, but the guy still refuses. At first I get Naofumi’s hatred for the other heroes but at this point in time, with the information that he’s gotten, you’d think he’d at least start to think a bit logical. I mean, yeah they treated him like trash but if he truly wants to save everyone, he’s gonna have to swallow that pride of his and start talking. Plus it’s the kingdom’s royalties should receive the brunt of his rage.

The fight with Filo and Fitoria was kinda cool. These filolilas queens have a whole lot of power hidden underneath those feathers of theirs. Despite it been all about a trial to gauge Filo’s worthiness as the next queen, it was still a pretty interesting fight to see. The rest of the episode was very standard with Fitoria placing her faith in Naofumi and hoping that he’ll talk with the other heroes. It was a pretty touching moment with Fitoria seeing the past Shield Hero in Naofumi.

The last part of the episode is what really got me interested as both Ren and Itsuki are working together to uncover the secret of that three heroes church. Apparently they found a cave in which the supposed Cardinal Heroes weapons are meant to be. As it turns out judging from what took place, it might’ve been a trap! The reason for why I think it’s a trap is because the heroes weapons are already in the hands of the heroes so there shouldn’t even be other weapons. I mean why would there be multiple heroes weapons out there, unless we’re talking upgrade parts.

Overall, I’m starting to get more interested in seeing what’s going on with Ren and Itsuki’s adventure right now. Still, the episode about the passing of the throne and title of Queen was still pretty cool.

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