You know, it was pretty funny seeing Garou cheer for the monster as a kid but then I again, it did raise an odd question, if you cheered for the villain of a story does that make you evil. One-Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 – Metal Bat is asking the philological questions.This episode was actually pretty good. Even though the episode was focusing on the hero Metal Bat, he actually was enjoyable to watch. I don’t know how they did it but they made a guy with a metal bat actually seem cool. Well, cool enough for me because I’ve never been fond of people with bats as heroes. It always seemed lame to me. Anyways, he got assigned to protect some higher-ups and that’s where we got to see some of his powers against those bug monsters. Funny enough, they never explained why those bugs wanted the higher-up that Metal Bat was protecting to begin with but I guess it won’t play a major role in the story.

We did get some increments of Garou after Saitama knocked him out too and I was kinda pissed off that he didn’t remember how he got knocked out. I was hoping that he’d remember so that he’s trains like crazy to prepare for the rematch but oh well. 

Anyways, the other part of the episode was about Saitama’s quest to find Garou at the world tournament. It was here that he ran into one of Charanko’s fellow student from the dojo and basically the whole time this guy did nothing but mouth off. I mean, he gave us some needed to context what a character Garou was like in the past but the rest of the time he’d just talk shit to Charanko. This led to Saitama stepping up and shutting him down.

Overall, I think the fight scene with Metal Bat was the best aspects of the episode. However, now that Garou has shown up, it’s going to be insane to see how Metal Bat is going to hold up against him and the threat level: Dragon monster that’s attacking the city.

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