I talked about this topic on my social media but I wanted to touch on it a bit deeper as this has been quite unsettling that Jax’s ending could be viewed as controversial and politic.

So for those of you who may not be familiar with what I’m talking about, in Mortal Kombat 11, there’s a mode called Towers in which players can take each of the kombatants through a series of fights in order to see an alternative, non-canon ending that’s personal to that character. Jax’s ending was abolishing slavery from history and ensuring that not only his people, but everyone could live a better and more prosperous life. That’s it! Not anti-white propaganda, no white people in chains. All he did was remove something that has negatively impacted the lives of his people for centuries and beyond.

Despite that, this small and insignificant part of the game has been the center of what many consider “controversy” and “SJW pandering”! I’ve looked at all the argument for why Jax’s ending is so bad and offensive and what I learned is damm near ridiculous. The people who are angry about this have made arguments that range from “this is anti-white“, “what about other horrible stuff in history? Why did Jax ignore those” & and my favorite one, “slavery needed to happen, it’s part of history and what defines Jax“!

That last one was the icing on the cake. Yes, slavery has occurred throughout man’s history, however the 400 year slavery that Africans suffered was more damaging than some of these people realized. In order for the masses to agree on enslaving a large group of race, they created pseudoscience, stripped them of their humanity, killed, raped and tortured them and almost wiped their history from the face of the earth, which still to this day impacts these group of people. The man stopped an event that should never have happened in human history, especially to this kind of extent.

It really does speak volumes that people are having issue with a dude that ended slavery in a bloody video game where a dragon man is hellbent on conquering earth-realm. Let me get this straight, we’ve had games after games of us gamers killing nazis in a dystopia world where the nazis have won, yet stopping slavery is what triggered people. I have yet to see anyone say that these nazi killing game was a political tactic to create german-guilt!

Everyday we are reminded that 9/11 should never be forgotten, that we should never forget the Holocaust, yet we tell Africans to get over slavery and the pseudoscience that came with it because it’s in the past. And you have people hiding behind the banner that it’s a SJW left-wing spectrum agenda, and that they’re bringing politics into gaming.

No, slavery is not politics! You gotta be a special type of stupid to equate slavery and politics. In the damm ending, Jax states that he made the world a better place for EVERYONE, but focused on his people first to ensure THEY lived a better live too. I mean damm, when an Asian fights for his clan, that shit is cool, when a European fights for his homeland, it’s honorable but when an African fights for his people, it’s an issue.

We just gotta admit it, people are angry because an issue has being specified. Remember when the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” started, and I’m talking about it’s early conception not what it is today, it was immediately met with the phrase “All lives matters”, directly contradicting and spiting on the face of the main point of highlighting a specific issues that black Americans were facing.

It really shows that some people are unwilling to see things differently. Trust me, I hate forced politics in any of my media but this one ain’t one of them. The ending is harmless and is not controversy at all. It just shows that people are getting intolerant and fed up of politics in their media and unfortunately are now lashing at anything that they think fits that bill.

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