So, this is it! After ten years of following this gigantic story that is the MCU, from Iron-Man’s humble beginning to Thanos’s infamous snap, I finally got to experience Avengers endgame, and it was beautiful.

I honestly don’t know where to even begin. Avengers Endgame was simply amazing. The ultimate fan service movie that fans have been waiting for ten years and more. The trailers spoiled absolutely nothing. I went into that cinema and was blissfully blown away by everything that took place. Let’s start with the whole time travel ordeal.

I knew time travel would play a pivotal role in reversing what Thanos had done since he destroyed the stones, however, I’d never imagined it would have played out like that. The quest for the six infinity stones had them going to many iconic places across time and space and it was a blast.

I knew, and by that I mean WE all knew that someone would have to die in ENDGAME, and I mostly had my bets on either Tony or Steve. Well, I guess we were right. Still, seeing Tony die was poetic. His death made the whole thing have more on an impact.

This whole started MCU started with a selfish man who cared little for the consequences of his action and ended with him making the ultimate, selfless sacrifice to save the universe. You couldn’t have asked for a more fitting ending to such an iconic character. Yep, had Captain Marvel been the one to save the day, it would’ve left me feeling salty. And Thanos was right about Tony, the universe will remember his name and what he has done to save it.

But the most gratifying end for a character was Steve Rogers. In the end, Steve chose to stay back in 1970 and live out his life with Margaret Elizabeth “Peggy” Carter. Man, it’s so weird. I felt happy and sad at the same time when I saw the scene of him sitting at that bench.

Happy to see that he lived out his life but saddened that an era has officially ended. It was a touching moment to see Steve pass the torch to Sam Wilson and declare him to the next Captain America. Aside from that, seeing Captain America wield Mjnoir was crazy.

Hands down though, without a shadow of a doubt, Thor and Professor Hulk stole the movie for me in terms of humor. Every single time these two showed up, I cracked a laugh. I knew Professor Hulk would take place in Avengers Endgame but I did not expect a fat Thor. Both of these guys’ performance was amazing.

Of course, I won’t forget Black Widow. Throughout the movie, I really liked her and how made an impact on the team. And that heart-breaking moment when Black Widow sacrificed herself was really touching.

Seeing key moments from all the other movies play out, with some extra bits was really dope and made the world feel alive. From Tony’s interaction with his father to Thor’s talk with his mother. Those moments were a nice touch to add weight to what was at stake.

Of course, one can’t talk about this movie without mentioning the climactic finale. When Thanos pulled up to the present day, he wasted no time attacking the Avenger’s tower base. The scene of Captain America, Thor Iron-Man getting ready to unleash hell was sublime. The three OG’s of the Marvel Comic fighting side by side was a sight to behold. Despite their best efforts,  Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet still proved too powerful and once again gave them the hands. He wasn’t playing this time either, he brought his entire fleet, his Armada to wreck everyone.

Still, that scene pales in comparison when the ENTIRE MCU pulled up. That was the highlight of the movie. I waited for years to see that unfold. Not a single beat was missed and everyone had their moment. Everyone had a crack at Thanos, and even Captain Marvel almost overpowered him, but Thanos made quick work on all of them.

Those 3 hours felt short as hell as I was enjoying the heck out of Avengers Endgame. Overall, this movie was an exhilarating experience.

Avengers: Endgame Review! A Fantastic Finale To A Ten Year Legacy!
9 / 10 Reviewer
This movie was an exhilarating experience.
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