As The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 16 starts of with Naofumi squaring off with a t-rex, we learn that there’s a young angel like person called Fitoria looking for the next queen of the Chocobo’s aka the filolials.So as we learned, the T-Rex or dragon like dinosaur seems to be drawn to Filo and the dark stone she has in a belly. They decided to use that to their advantage in order to lead the monster out of town. Honestly, watching Filo fight is the best part of this skirmish. Now things got really interesting when the big queen filolial showed up. For a big bird, she sure can move pretty fast and she could use magic too. So Filo might end up showcasing some of that powers soon.

Anyways, we learned that her name is Fitoria, the current queen of the filolials. As it turns out, we learned quite a few things from her. One of those things is that, if a hero raises a filolial, that filolial will become a queen instead of a regular filolial.  Which, if you think about it, gives us an idea as to how long of a difference between the current hero and the last one as Fitoria was surprised that a new queen has arrived.

We also learned that the Waves are happening all across the world. This is something that I kinda assumed was the case but now that I think about, it does raise the question as to why these guys were brought to one location. Meanwhile, the Bow and Sword heroes are looking into the three heroes churches to learn their dark secret, something Myne seems intent to prevent. There’s just so much mystery going on here. I can’t tell if the Waves are a natural phenomenon or caused by the kingdom of old. And if so, who those it even benefit? Maybe the  shield hero figured it out and tasked the queen to continue the fight.

My guess is that Fitoria was raised by the previous shield guy who made her promise to save the world until they can uncover the truth of this world. So to fulfill that promise, since the heroes aren’t’ working together, she’s decided to kill them off. I think what Fitoria is thinking is that if the heroes die, the heroes summoning will reset and bring new heroes to fight in their place.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good episode. At least we know just how powerful Filo can get in a thousand years or so thanks to Fitoria.

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