Last week I was pretty harsh on the episode and with good reason too. Nevertheless, One-Punch Man Episode 3 – The Hunt Begins has changed that. Garo has easily become one of my favorite character in this season.

So as we learned, Garo was actually one of Silverfangs student, and because of that he posses the same fighting technique as him. However, Garo makes it seem even more dangerous than it appeared in season 1.

I’m not gonna lie, watching him try to become a monster by beating up the other heroes was amazing. And it wasn’t just the casual beat’em too. He brutally destroyed all the heroes he came across, almost to the point that I couldn’t tell if he’d killed them or not. When they explained that Garo uses his opponents strengths against them by one of Silverfangs students, I had a smile on my face. I knew shit was about to hit the fans if Saitama runs into this guy.

OK, he did run into him in the last part of the episode but I’m talking about a real encounter. In fact, I was glad they had that interaction because now that Garo knows how powerful Saitama is, he’s going to train like crazy to at least try and match his strength. There really isn’t much to say about this episode. It finally had that One Punch Man vibe that was missing from the last two episodes and the animation is starting to improve too so I’m really glad about that. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot!

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