I’ve been following the Vic Mignogna case for a good while now. Ever since Funimation dropped the guy and have actively tried to erase him from all of his works, this has sparked a massive community wide discussion. Many have chosen to believe Monica on the premise of believing the victim first before asking questions, while others have chosen to side with Vic on the premise that you’re innocent until proven guilty. How this case will end will change the way we look at accusations in the future. The lawsuit files for the Vic Mignogna case has come out and made public for the world to see, and unfortunately I’m not about to go through all of it. You can find it by googling it for yourself. What I’m here to discuss is the importance of this case and how it could change the landscape of this community or any community as a whole. If you’d like to know my thoughts on this case, you can find it here at The Vic Mignogna Case – The Voice Of Broly! Witch Hunt or Righteous Crusade?

This case could lead to a number of things. If Vic Mignogna wins his lawsuit, aside from getting a $1m dollars in compensation for the damages that the defendants have caused, this could lead to more stricter rules been implemented to ensure that companies are held accountable for the actions of their employees. This is why a lot of people are siding with Vic Mignogna. Aside from the minority that like the guy and want him to win, many side with Vic Mignogna on the premise that innocent until proven guilty and evidence should always take priority over word of mouth.

That actions shouldn’t have been taken on Vic Mignogna without a proper investigation to determine whether what has been accused on him is true. The investigation that Funimation has done is only part of the full investigation many are talking about. It’s mostly about truth and justice in a fair and logical manner. He shouldn’t have been fired until it has been proven without a shadow of doubt that he’s guilty under the eye of the court and law.

Not only that, if he’s successful, the next person to catch a lawsuit will be the people online who started the discussion and hashtag, placing an even greater emphasizes on accountability for people’s actions, especially if you have a certain amount of following and influence.

On the other hand, if Vic Mignogna where to lose the case, it would dramatically change how punishment are dealt out. Monica Riel has made numerous accusations on Vic Mignogna over the past few months, with more and more people online & co-workers of Vic Mignogna coming out with their own stories. If Monica Riel & Funimation successfully defends themselves on the court, this will further enforce the idea that a company can fire anyone who has had any accusations made on them, despite any concrete evidence available to support their claim.

Hypothetically, we would believe the victims first and take action. Which on paper doesn’t sound bad but could have huge ramifications in the future. This would also levitate any responsibility that employers have over their employees online and therefore can take actions if necessary. And the accusations that Monica Riel has made on Vic has varied, with one being that Vic hate a jelly bean with Monica’s name on it and made a joke to him given uncomfortable hugs and kisses.

That’s just the surface stuff in my opinion. As you can see, this is indeed an interesting case, one I indeed to follow until the end. So what are your thoughts on this lawsuit. Let me know in the comments below.

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