Looks like a year has gone by in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3 – Sabito and Makomo since Tanjiro started training with Sankonji to join the Demon Slayer Corps.The first portion of the episode basically consisted of Tanjiro learning the art of swordsmanship. Every day he’d do various things, from running down the mountain, becoming one with water, sensing his environment to learning the concentration of breathing. After he completed the one year training, his final challenge by Sankonji was to slice a boulder. After realizing that he needed more training, Tanjiro trained for six more months, all while Nekuzo was still asleep. I can’t remember if they explained why she’s still asleep but she hasn’t woken up since.

Things didn’t get interesting until a guy with a fox mask named Sabito showed up while Tanjiro was training to slice the boulder. he begins to taunt and scold Tanjiro for being weak and demands for Tanjiro to engage in combat.

The fight scene here was beyond clean and very well choreographed. After Tanjiro shared his concern for Sabito having a wooden sword, the man decided to show him just how outclassed Tanjiro was in comparison. That fight was intense as hell. Every blow from that wooden sword felt powerful and not a single mometn was missed from Sabito. It’s definitively a glimpse of the type of fight we can expect. Fights in which speed and power alone  aren’t enough.

After getting his ass handed to him, Makomo shows up and teaches Tanjiro more lessons and the importance of Sankonji’s Concentration of Breathing. As it turns out, that technique is what allows the Demon Corp to compete with demons on a even playing field.

Another six months as gone by and Tanjiro finally was able to not only beat Sabito, but slice the boulder too. Now, I couldn’t tell if Sabito was a spirit in the boulder or not. I guessing he was or he just dodged him at the last second and left an afterimage.

Overall, this episode was really dope and gave a lot of details as to how these demon slayers can actually compete with the demons and kill them.

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