In The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 15 – Raphtalia, we dived deeper into Rapthalia’s past and how it affected her mentally and the horror’s her people endured as a demi-species.

This episode really highlighted the cruelty of the Kingdom. The subject of slavery is never an easy pill to swallow so seeing it depicted in The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 15 was unsettling but necessary. Whether real or fiction, it’s important to understand the vileness of such practice.
The more we saw of how Rapthalia and her people were being treated by Idol and his lackeys, the more my blood started to boil. Makes you wonder just how someone can hate another being for no reason.
That’s the one things I like about this anime, it evokes so many types of feelings by dealing with various topics like slavery. Anyways, after saying her mind to the Idol, the guy still tries to kill her but fails and falls off the building.  They continue on to the dungeon, where they found some of Raphtalia’s people who survived the torment.
After saving a couple of them, she learns that her friend Rifana was left to starve to death. I won’t lie, that cry of agony was really well done. I actually felt her pain. Seto Asami really did a great job conveying the pain she felt to us.
After coming to grips with the lose of her friend, they squad goes back outside, only to find that Idol was still alive. He then released a monster that was sealed away by the past heroes and it ended up killing him.
Overall, I thought it was great episode and really added more character development to Rapthalia. Hating the King and anyone who share’s his viewpoint has become a lot more easier.
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