Alright,One-Punch Man Episode 2 – Human Monster had me feeling some type of way. On one hand the introduction of Garou was kinda dope and really set the tone for the rest of the season, however I can’t help but feel like the episode’s animation felt like I was watching a moving slideshow. Specifically the fight scene, the soul reason for why we all watch OPM in the fist place.Listen, I tried to just ignore the animation and just enjoy the craziness that One Punch Man offers, but these last two episodes have been lacking greatly of OPM’s elan. You can clearly tell that they’re trying incredibly hard to hide the still moments of the fights with motion blur and weird white background scenes. It got to the point that you don’t even see actual animation for most of the fights. Nothing felt like it’s flowing at all and it really took me out of the episode.

This was blatantly apparent with he Blizzard vs Saitama fight and the Sonic vs Genos fight. It was incredibly lackluster. I mean, with Saitama I get that he’ll one-shot his opponent, but I was expecting a little more from Genos’s fight.

Story-wise, it was pretty interesting to see more world-building and Saitama’s squad expanding. However, then again, there seems to be a whole lot of hero preaching going on, something that I felt like OPM was suppose to make fun off. It almost seems like they’re taking themselves seriously, to the point that Saitama doesn’t even seem like a gag character anymore. The humour hasn’t been on point either. His funny face just doesn’t cut it anymore. At times, it felt forced.

I dunno, there really wasn’t much to say. Overall, I  still enjoyed the episode but I’m also really disappointed that the quality is this apparent. It’s almost as if I’m watching a completely different anime. An Ova to be exact.

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