Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2 starts out with Tanjiro heading for Mt. Sagiri with his sister Nezuko who’s been turned into a demon. On their way there, Tanjiro catches the smell of blood from inside a temple. He enters, thinking that someone might be hurt, only to come upon a man-eating demon.

What’s interesting here is that the demon that they encountered could talk, so that made me wonder why Nezuko had gone mute like that. Could it be that the trauma of seeing her family get eaten in front of her has caused her to go mute? Either way, this demon proved to me a massive threat, with speed and power being off the charts. Even when Nezuka kicked this man’s head off, he not only survived it, but his head grew arms as well. I guess cutting them in the normal way ain’t going to work on them.

The episode did answer something that I had on my mind about this anime. It seems that the demons are well able to at least control themselves and who they want to kill. Also there seems to be a clear unison between demons in that, they won’t attack another demon as long as they don’t interfere in their feast. They fact that the demon reacted in such a way must mean that they killing of human has to serve some other purpose aside from hunger.

Now, after the demon was dealt with, the old guy with the Goblin mask appears and introduces himself. He immediately questions Tanjiro’s resolves and begins to test him. The test seemed like a typical resolve test to see whether Tanjiro is worthy to become a demon slayer.

Overall, the episode was very interesting. The sun first of all is no joke, It seems that with just a little sun, it’s enough to completely kill a demon. Not only that, they can augment their body to fit their fighting need so, for these Demons Slayers to go toe to toe against these monster is impressive. The animation once again was amazing and from the little that we’ve’ seen from how the demons fought, we know that they’re no joke.

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