The more I hear talks about the early reveal trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, they more I weep for not a single one of the early impressions sounded good at all.

While Detective Pikachu is getting the first class treatment and the Lion King’s CGI borderline looking like a real-life documentary with top class actors, Sonic however, seems to be the one that’s drawing the short end of the stick here with his hybrid CGI movie. From all the first impressions that have come out from CinemaCon, not single one has put my mind at ease.

In fact, every time a first impression comes out from the CinemaCon event, it’s only deepening my concerns and chipping away at my hopes for this movie being good. I want to be proven wrong man. I want this movie to be good. However, right now it’s looking extremely bleak for the blue blur.

Never mind how Sonic will look in the movie, the whole plot sounds worrisome. Eggman in all black and not bold, Sonic making corny ass jokes, the dialogue, everything about this movie sounds like an expensive fan movie.

The lack of respect for this iconic character is disgusting. Yeah, many will bring up the Mario movie but that was way back then. We’re talking about today, when technology is at its best. Look at Detective Pikachu, look at The Lion King. Yeah, there’s budgets that’s gotta be factored in but it’s Sonic we’re talking about. Probably one of the most iconic gaming characters around, and they’re gonna bastardize the character like that? Wow!

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