With the kingdom hunting down Naofumi, Rapthalia, Filo and Melty, the squad had no choice but to make their way to small village on their way to meet the queen, however things quickly take an interesting turn in The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 14 – Everlasting Memory.

Due to Myne recklessly starting a forest fire, Naofumi and his party are forced to flee to a village at the base of the mountain. 

They made it to a new state called Seyaette in which they met with one of the nobles known as Reichnott that Melty’s aquatinted with. Melty suggests going with the noble for help, and it just so happens that Raphtalia’s past is linked to his domain.

Most of the episode consisted of them trying to figure out their next plan of action and clearing their names. There wasn’t much content in the form of action but it seems that this new to arc is setting up for more development on Rapthalia’s past. The lord known as Idol may have been the one responsible for selling her to the market as a slave. And judging from the tone of her voice, may have even slaughtered thousands in the process. We also learn that there’s another person in Raphtalia’s life that’s missing, which may have been hinted at in the new opening trailer named Rifana.

This Idol guy is also part of the Three Heroes church so it’s already clear that he has no desire to learn the truth. He overthrew Reichnott and basically tortured him to spill the beans about the Shield Hero. This led to them going to the Idol’s mansion to save her. They successfully did and Rapthalia was able to confront Idol to finally say her peace.

Overall, this episode was good. A lot of groundwork as been set to explore Raphtalia’s past to I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

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