I have been a massive fan of the Nintendo Switch and have advocated it as the most innovative console of 2018. Its portability has redefined the way I play my games. Nevertheless, when you ask different people who own the Switch, on their opinion about the switch today, across the board many will say that it’s lacking heavily on features that are basically the norm in modern gaming. Now that there’s rumors of two Switch version on the horizon, this might be Nintendo’s chance to fix this lingering problem.

I’ll talk mostly about my experience with the Switch. With my switch, one of the glaring problems I’ve had with the portable device is the bone-dry software features. No custom theme, no achievements, no voice chats or in-game messaging among friends for that matter and the online experience is disgustingly bad.

These are the first few things that come to mind when I think about the issues that plagues the Nintendo Switch. Notice how I haven’t even mentioned the system’s hardware specs. That’s because I honestly never cared about it. For me, the Switch is at the right size for portability. Any bigger and it would ruin the experience, any smaller it would feel like a small phablet. They nailed the design from the get-go. The specs for me, if improved, would be just a bonus.

Right now, Nintendo needs to stop lagging behind and really start providing some of the key software features that fans have been asking for. If the Nintendo Pro is a way for them to achieve that, then I’d see a reason to get interested in the new versions, however if it’s just a power boost for fidelity, then I’ll probably won’t be rushing to pick it up. After all, it’s only been two years since the Switch came out, so kinda stings a bit when you realize they’re already coming out with a better model. They’ll have to really convince me on this Pro version for me to shed some extra cash.

What are your thoughts on this Nintendo Pro and Nintendo Mini version.

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