I knew it was a set up. From the moment I saw that guy with the orb, I knew they were setting Naofumi up to seem evil. The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 13 sets up as Naofumi foils the guards attempt of the to take Melty’s life and fights off the royal knights, but he’s then framed for abducting Melty and killing several knights, so the party is forced to go on the run. Yep, if Naofumi was an Uchiha, he’d have the Sharingan by now.They even edited the video and took the whole event out of context to really smear Naofumi’s name. Myne’s on some evil shit for that one.

After all that effort to prove that he’s a good person, it’s right back to square one. On the run and hiding from the kingdom, things just aren’t looking too good for the squad. Once again though, the queen is mentioned during one of their conversation and we learned that the King married into royalty which is kinda interesting.

Now, most of the episode was them  just running away but we finally get to an interesting point where the three other heroes confront Naofumi about Melty. Even though Melty tried to explain the situation and which almost worked, Myne shows up and comes up with some ridiculous lies about brainwashing. Man, it really bothers me that Ren and Itsuki can’t figure it out that the kingdom is up to something. Momoyasu is a lost cause so I don’t have high expectation for him. And his loli obsession he has with Filo is starting to actually bother me a lot.

Although, after their small confrontation with Myne attacking the squad, Naofumi did entrust that item from the Three Heroes Church him, hoping that he’ll learn the truth. Anyways, now the squad are heading towards where the queen reside so hopefully we’ll learn what’s really going on with this kingdom.

Overall,  very good episode. We also did get a new intro which I thought was pretty cool. I like the music choice too.

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