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Alright, I know that for the past few blogs about this anime, there’s been pun after pun about Fire. I promise, no more puns. The new Fire Force trailer gives us even more detail about the world and some of the characters abilities. Not only that but we also got a date for when the anime will premiere.

As it turns out, this isn’t just a random phenomenon that just suddenly hit the world. It has been ongoing for about 200 years. It’s so rooted to the world that humans have inherited the powers of flames. I noticed that the girls that was demonstrating her powers was a second generation and the main character was a third generation. With that girl she’s unable to use her powers unless she ignites something while the third generation can ignite on his own.

So does that mean that as the generations go down, they become more powerful? Or those it mean that they’ll get closer to becoming Infernals themselves? This trailer brings many burning questions that I need answering.

Either way, FIRE FORCE is scheduled to set the world ablaze on July 5th, and we won’t have to wait long to get our questions answered. And yes, I lied about the puns!

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