Have you ever watched a gameplay trailer of for game that you’ve just randomly stumbled upon and are at awe by what was shown? That was me when I came across Towers, a Dreamlit Entertainment game prototype made by 6 core developers over the course of 12 months. Colour me impressed!

There really isn’t a lot of information about this Towers game yet, however I am blown back by how amazingly weird and beautifully eery the world of Towers is as a whole. The creatures especially are some of the most unique looking beasts that I’ve come across in video gaming and the overall atmosphere is something else entirely. Judging from some of the gameplay that was shown, I can assume this will be some type of online game. Yeah, I know! Sherlock Holmes level detective over here. I wanna say MMO but I highly doubt that to be the case.

I also don’t think that anything shown in this trailer was randomly generated either. Unless were looking at the next No Man Sky of deception. So it’s quite difficult to put a pin on it yet. At least we know that you can build towns and climb on giant beast’s back. Either way, I’ll be keeping my eye on this game to see how it develops overtime. Yes, the trailer did look a bit shaky, with the framerate being the biggest culprit but since this is a prototype, I’m given it a pass for now.


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