This is what I’m talking about when I say that our games are getting easier by the day. Games today aren’t getting easier because gamers are becoming more and more incompetent at playing them, no, they’re getting easier because certain game journalists out there can’t seem to get good at them! Now they’re blatantly demanding them to add “easy mode” like this one Forbes journalist has done.

A couple of days ago, an article by Forbes came out titled, Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice’ Needs To Respect Its Players And Add An Easy Mode, in which the author discussed how the game needed an easy mode to allow those who don’t have the “time, inclination, reaction speed and lack of physical capabilities” to enjoy the world that From Software has built. Apparently, this guy has being saying this for years now with Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I get his argument so some degree but ultimately, I have to disagree with this mindset. The developers clearly had a vision in mind when it came to this game, and an easy mode was not one of them. The only person you’re trying to get respect for is yourself.

From Software designed this game to teach to us the fundamentals as you fail. They want to fail so that you can get stronger. An easy mode would completely defeat and undermine they creative vision.

Lets face it, the real reason for why this guy wrote this article in the first place was because he’s struggling with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and doesn’t have the time to dedicate to it in order to get better. That’s fine, just don’t try to cover it up with some bullshit narrative of “accessibility”. You want to see the ending? Either grind it out or watch it on YouTube! These are your choices. I mean, the next day another article came out that went against the first and said pretty much what I’m saying here. The game is stuff, I know that but you don’t see me begging for a easy mode. This isn’t an elitist mindset either. Some people like a challenge and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is giving it to them. Git Gud!

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