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Well, what an episode. What a season finale that was THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 12 – 150146. I was so wrong about Phil. I mean, I knew he was way too smart for his own good, but I guess he wasn’t a traitor after all. Damm, and after everything we’ve seen about Isabelle, that last episode made me actually feel sympathy for her. All she wanted, was to survive.

I don’t know where to even begin with this episode. I’m just overall impressed by everything. Phil in particular took me by surprise. Think about it, after realizing that his family are being eaten, learning that Emma is going to leave him behind to stay watchful of the kids, all in a span of two minutes, he didn’t waste a second and responded that he’d stay back. I felt kinda shitty suspecting him after all this time. He’s a real trooper that one! Emma too! Talk about character development. After finally realizing that what Ray had been saying was true, she made the ultimate decision to leave the kids back, in hopes of coming back to safe them. Honestly, that was the best option that she got. As Gilda pointed out, the kids probably wouldn’t have been able to keep a cool head and would have spilled the beans soon enough. Not to mention that they’s freeze to death during the night. They just weren’t’ ready to escape.

When Isabelle called in reinforcement, seeing those demons again reminded me that their chances of escape was grim as heck. I mean, damm why are they so damm buff? Those kids brains must have some massive protein in them. Anyways, watching Ray get amazed by the kids who he thought would be a nuisance when it came to escaping, was satisfying. Now, when Mom pulled up I was like oh shit, it’s time. Of course she didn’t stop Emma and Emma shot a cold stare at Isabelle, bidding her goodbye. That was amazing. She just stared as they made their escape and realized that she lost.We then got a flashback of Isabelle too, which threw me off.

It was the same as Krone, in which we saw the process that Krone had to go through in order to survive. And yes, we finally got the confirmation that Ray is indeed her child. After the flashback I thought she was going to kill herself by jumping off the cliff, but instead she just gave up and went back to the kids, telling Phil that they escaped safely. Man, I felt kinda bad, especially by the scene of her pregnant and looking dead on the inside. That one got me! At least now we know Isabelle will be on the kid’s side, at least for now. So Phil and the rest of the four year old’s might be safe the for moment.

Seeing the kids escape had my adrenaline running. Let’s face it, all of us were expecting to see something messed up at that ending but instead we got a positive ending. Overall, this season was phenomenal.

4 thoughts on “THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 12 – 150146: REVIEW

  1. This was a lovely way to bring this season to a conclusion. That said, I’ll definitely be excited when a season two finally comes around.

  2. Ok, Let me do a standing ovation for this show. In a series filled with dramatic cliffhangers, the kids escape over a CLIFF with the help of HANGERS. This show is brilliant for being a giant puzzle, but it never occured to me before that even the fact that there are cliffhangers in every episode can also be a piece of the puzzle and a hint of what is to come. Clap, clap, clap!!!!!))))))

    Additional observations:
    1) The idea about Ray being the actual son of Isabella crossed my mind before, but the fact that they were both aware of this fact and continued as they were, was truly sad.

    2) So, the wierd toys that the twins had in episode 10 and Norman looking at hangers while talking to Emma in episode 11 in the flashback were hints to how they will be escaping) Nice.

    3) When I was watching the whole scene with Isabella in the end the question from Norman was ringing in my memory. ‘Mama, are you happy?’ Looking at her final smile it was almost like she was finally giving him her true answer: ‘I am now, Norman’.

    4) I am now thinking that Isabella will now be helping the kids (those that escaped and those that remained) as much as she can:
    A) She removed the ropes that they left, which is likely so she can hide their point of escape from the demons.
    B) She told Phil that they escaped successfully to his face. There was no reason to do this, as she could’ve hidden the truth from him. But she figured out that he knows everything, and decided to ease his thoughts anyway.
    I think she was previously sure that there is no escape from this circle of mizery and suffering, but after witnessing those kids that made the choice that she could not make herself – she will now believe in them.

  3. This anime has definitely made one of my top lists. I cried towards the end of this episode because the flashbacks with Isabella made me think of how she is more similar to Emma than we think. I truly felt sorry for her because her idea and ways of survival was by giving up on the idea of escaping and siding with the demons/monsters. And another thing, that music that Leslie was playing…wow! The emotions and actions in this episode had me on edge…well several edges. This anime so far has honestly been so powerful yet beautiful.

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