So the final boss is here and she’s not laying around. Glass has shown that she definitely a worthy opponent. The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 12 didn’t waste any time jumping into the action.

I liked how all three of the heroes got mad salty when Glass referred to them as Naofumi’s servants. Even though, all three of them attacked at once, she quickly made quick work on all of them, knocking them out.

Glass is clearly OP, especially when she’s literally one-shotting everything thrown at her. Even reading her stats didn’t work as it would only glitch the info.

It got to the point that Naofumi had to rage quit the boss. The animation when they were making their get-away was pretty insane. This event did raise some very important questions that a lot of us have had since the beginning of The Rising of the Shield Hero and that is, just what are these waves? What purpose do they serve? There’s seems to be way more than we’re let on to believe.

Anyways, after the wave was over, Naofumi was swiftly requested by the king. This scene was by far my favorite scene. The king, after witnessing how powerfully he had gotten, asked him to reveal to him his secret. When Naofumi responded by asking the King to bow down him, I was thrilled. He finally shut that old fool up and disrespected him at his own throne.

Yeah, sure he said that he doesn’t want his finally to be split up again after Melty questioned his hatred for the Shield Hero, but at this point, all sympathy is lost. Not only that but, Melty too came through with the savage disrespect towards Myne, making her look foolish. That was a win for all of us.

Melty then shows up to the scene asking for Naofumi to come back to the kingdom to apologize to the king. Man, I was like “if you don’t get that request outta here my face“, we waited weeks to see this man tell this king off and you want him to now eat his words? Nah, that ain’t happening. The anime ended quite surprisingly though with one of Melty’s men suddenly trying to kill her in broad daylight! This setup was kinda weird at first. I mean, why wait until after she met up with Naofumi to kill her. It wasn’t until I saw one of the guards holding a sphere did it click on me. They’re trying to frame the death of Melty on Naofumi. This was probably set up by Myne, as we saw the kid was fond of Melty.

Well, at least now Naofumi has a reason to trust her again. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the next episode.

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