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OK, WOW! Norman is a damm legend for having planned this two months in advance, it’s unreal. THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 11 has to be one of the top tier episode of this season.I knew that both Ray and Emma weren’t about to give up that easily, not after everything they’ve been through in order to escape. While Emma was grooming the other kids in preparation for the escape, Ray was also working behind the scene. the fact that they plain dead to fool Mom while using the other kids to move along the plan was ingenious.

However, Ray’s plan was something more dark that he had planned way longer, and that is to light himself on fire to not only cause a distraction to Mom but to also act as the ultimate fuck you to the monster who have been waiting 12 years to eat him. It was at that moment that Ray became my favorite character. Despite his kamikaze attempt to self-destruct, Emma once again stepped in to foil his plan.

As it turns out Norman knew from the very beginning that this man was going to set himself on fire, and conjured up a counter-plan to not only stop him, but to use his plan to further their chances of escape. Norman had planned all of this while walking to his deathbed. He left instructions and even gave Emma two keys, these keys were the item that Sister Krone left Norman to use as a means to escape. Man, I was in awe at how far Norman was able to think ahead and how Emma used his plans and furthered it. She even went to the extreme and cut off her’s and Ray’s ears off to fool Mom into believing that Ray had burned himself to death. Now that’s dedication to the cause.

Now, there’s a rumor or a hypothesis out there that Ray is the child of Mom, since both of them sang the same song, a song that only these two characters have sang in this anime.

I was keen to see how she’d react to seeing Ray all up in flames but nope, she didn’t care about him at all. Man, she only cared about this man’s brain, so that kinda didn’t prove the theory or give it weight but there’s still a chance of that being confirmed at some point.

Now here’s the part that kicked me in the feels. While Don was explaining how the other kids learned about the monsters, it dawned on me that the little one’s weren’t with them, and that included the babies. It wasn’t until at the very end when Ray asked the question that I knew that they may have left some of the kids behind. The biggest shock was seeing Phil being left behind too. I had suspected Phil since episode 2, but this throws me for a loop. Now I can’t figure him out anymore. Did something happen? Had Emma learned something about Phil and led to her leaving him behind, proving my hypothesis that he’s a traitor? Or is he acting as a undercover to learn what Mom is doing while they escape? Or did they really just make the ultimate decision in only saving as many as they can?

For me, the last part seems unlikely, given the mood that Don was when he explained the plan. He’s the emotional type so I’d at least see some strain to his face. And, Emma went to all that trouble since episode 2 trying to save everyone, so for her to pull a 180 now seems odd to me.

Dammit, I have so many questions because of this episode. Just what the hell is going on here? I’m sticking to what I said in my previous review, that there’s has to be a tunnel of some kind that will lead them out into the open world but for now we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode. I’m mad!

4 thoughts on “THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 11 – 140146: REVIEW

  1. This was a great episode and just left me stunned so many times. I’m just dying to see the next episode o find out who they left behind and why and to see whether they actually make it to the bridge or what happens next. Just so much this episode.

    1. Once again, a great episode. Really happy that they indeed were faking the depression to a certain extent (each in their own way). Another thing that was really great is that for an episode with a lot of reveals – there were still cool puzzle pieces that became more evident after the second watching:
      1) The scene with Norman and Emma discussing the potential of telling others about the reality of situation. Norman seems lost in thought for a moment when Emma is talking about catching Mom off guard with utilizing the help of other children – and we have a interesting shot of bucket with sheets and hangers. Very interesting choice of a shot. I immediately remembered kids running around with clothing hangers in the previous episode while ‘playing’. I think that they will utilize those hangers in some way during the escape. Maybe to make traversal safer for the younger kids?

      2) Mother’s realization about the what the children were wearing made we re-watch the episode from the beginning and pay close attention to the feet of characters: and it clicked for me. Indeed, if they will need to escape during the night – they will need to have their boots on, to save time on putting them on during the fire. It would be impossible for them to run around outside of the house in slippers. And then you can basically tell of what is going on in the episode by what we can call ‘a story of shoes and slippers’:

      A) In the beginning of the episode we see that both Emma and Ray are wearing slippers. Ray is wearing them because he had no intention of running away in the first place, while Emma is most likely wearing them for disguise purpose, as she knows that she will be able to change into shoes a bit later.

      B) After Emma shouts, Mom runs in and sees the raging fire. Our (viewers) eyes are also drawn to the flames (they are very eye-catching, are they not?:))) But what is also present in this shot is bent Emma, on her hands and knees. Her feet are very visible, and she is already wearing shoes, not slippers. Meaning she is ready to run as soon as Mothers gets sufficiently distracted.

      C) Mother runs into the hallway to initiate the evacuation of other children only to see Gilda running into the hall as well as if she heard the noises, already wearing shoes. But Mother is too distraught by the possibility of losing Ray and others to pay attention to it.

      D) Gilda organizes the ‘evacuation’ and we see that the kids running out are all in shoes, also ready to take off.

      E) Mother runs back with a fire extinguisher and we have another shot of Emma feet from behind, now her boots are even more ‘in our face’.

      F) And then Emma retreats and Mother realizes all too late that all of the kids were wearing shoes (which would be very strange for the kids just out of their beds in middle of the night).

      G) But the story of ‘boots and slippers’ does not seem to end here, and it continues on to the very end of the episode: Phil. In the very last shot, it does not look like Phil is wearing shoes, so he is still in his slippers. Which leads to my next point:)

      3) I refuse to believe that Phil, little Mr. Everywhere, the small genius that found the Morse code in the books is not included in any way in Norman or Emma planning. So the fact that he is wearing slippers is likely a part of the escape plan. I think he volunteered to delay Mother in some way, to allow others to escape. I don’t know how Emma agreed to this, but there should be something that can guarantee his survival, that would allow Emma to go through with leaving him behind.

      4) Mother was humming the same lullaby that Ray was humming in the end of previous episode. I am becoming more and more convinced, that he is the actual child of Isabella. The one the she had to give birth by going through the ‘Mother training program’.

      5) The portable radio station that Isabella has beside her in the final shots seems to be the same size as the box that she received when she got the letter for Sister Krone ‘retirement’. It can mean that she was still worried that the kids might pull something unexpected, so she requested a device from the higher ups to be sure that she would be able to communicate with them in the case of emergency.

  2. Oh my. I just realized: there is a shot where Emma looks over everyone who gathered together in the forest for the escape. I counted the kids. There are only 15 of them including Emma! But based on the opening we know that there are more than 30 of them.

    This basically means that not only Phil is still near Mom, but other small kids as well (like the new girl, or the ones that were hanging the calendar page on the previous episode).

    I think this has to deal with their age. Conny was shipped at the age of 6. So maybe all of the kids who are not with the escapees are younger than that (like 2-3 years old). If the demons are interested in size of the brain, then it can be argued that their brains are not ‘ripe’ yet. So there is no point in killing/eating them. This basically will give Emma and the others time to run away and figure out how to get them out before they hit the age of 6.

    This anime is just one big puzzle) I love it!

  3. I am so impressed of how well Norman strategically continued with the process of his plan up until his very last day in that house. I had a feeling that more kids would have to know what is going on and why, because that makes the escape harder if only 5 kids knew. Another thing I wanted to point out is how Isabella stated that she needed to retrieve Ray’s brain. Not his body really, but just his brain.

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