After weeks of waiting and preparation, the next wave is finally upon us. The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 11 – Catastrophe Returns gave us a badass old lady, dope power up and a brand new enemy named Glass.

Unlike the last wave in which Naofumi had to spend all of his time protecting the villagers from harm, we finally got to see him in the frontline of the wave attack, along with Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki. The boss battle took place aboard a flying ship.

As expected, when they made that rule about the heroes not been allowed to travel together, I knew that their team-coordination would be non-existent. The three heroes had never worked together as a team and therefore were fighting among themselves. It took Naofumi seconds to figure out the trick behind the skeleton’s magic and they were able take down the mobs to summon the Soul Eater.

As they fought the Soul Eater, with each firing their attacks, something dawned on him. Do these guys even have other abilities like Naofumi? I can’t remember the last time these guys used anything other that their bread and butter. Motoyasu may have used other abilities but that was sparingly. What I had hoped to see is their growth in terms of strength to complement their ego. So far, only Naofumi is looking all types of overpowered right now.

Anyways, with Naoufumi realizing that if they took too long to beat this wave, the village would perish, he resorted to using the Rage Shield once again. This is were we learned that the Zombie Dragon that the Sword Hero, Ren had killed a while back had resided inside the shield, basically taking control over him. This gave him a new look with a dragon armour. Listen, I’m starting to like this Shield more and more. Makes you wonder why the King and his daughter are so hellbent on making him an enemy of the state.

His new shield looked really amazing too and boosted some pretty dope abilities. That Iron Maiden was a terrifying. That scene alone was well animated in my opinion. You know a ability is strong is there enchantment to be had.

It was so OP, that Ren called it a cheat, and he’s kinda right! After defeating what we thought was the real boss, a new enemy named Glass appears and challenges the heroes to the real final battle. We don’t know what her game is or if she’s testing the heroes for something greater in the future but I can’t wait to see what happens.

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