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That One Punch Man – Season 2 Trailer Was Beyond Underwhelming & Poorly Made!

With One Punch Man – Season 2 steadily approaching, I was quite excited to see this new trailer, however, I was left feeling like it was anti-climatic and quite frankly underwhelming. And lets not get started on the animation.

The animation is what everyone has been hung up on ever since this trailer debuted a few hours ago. I will admit, it’s a step down from Season 1 for sure, to the point that it makes the anime itself seem dull. Not just the animation, but is it just be of is the color pallet for this season a little on the dull side too? I dunno, but the colors weren’t as popping as season 1.

The trailer didn’t do much better at hyping us up either. Whoever edited that trailer did a poor job at it. At times, I thought that my laptop froze up when I saw a black screen with audio and no visuals.

I won’t lie, I’ve slightly lost faith in this anime doing well in season 2. Let me know what your thoughts are for this season. Season 2 will begin sometime in April.

3 thoughts on “That One Punch Man – Season 2 Trailer Was Beyond Underwhelming & Poorly Made!

  1. There’s a lot of black screen time in the trailer.
    I’m going to be honest and say that I wasn’t particularly hyped for a season 2 in the first place given One Punch Man seemed like a joke that had already played out. I’m just not sure there’s enough content to give it a second season and keep it interesting (how many times can you one punch and kill an enemy and it still be funny). That said, the trailer isn’t exactly inspiring confidence. Even the soundtrack feels a little subdued compared to season one and that was one of season ones best features.

    1. The first watch was fine because there’s this bombastic energy that just drives through the whole thing. It is the rewatch that killed it for me because there just wasn’t anything underlying that or anything really to pick up that I hadn’t noted the first time. While I enjoyed watching it, it isn’t something I’d buy on DVD because there’s just not enough reason to watch it again.

  2. The only thing that I enjoyed in this trailer is the song that starts playing at around 1.17. I believe these are the same guys who did the song for the opening of the 1st season. So while the animation studio has changed, at the very least we’ll have a great banger from the same band.

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