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With One Punch Man – Season 2 steadily approaching, I was quite excited to see this new trailer, however, I was left feeling like it was anti-climatic and quite frankly underwhelming. And lets not get started on the animation.

The animation is what everyone has been hung up on ever since this trailer debuted a few hours ago. I will admit, it’s a step down from Season 1 for sure, to the point that it makes the anime itself seem dull. Not just the animation, but is it just be of is the color pallet for this season a little on the dull side too? I dunno, but the colors weren’t as popping as season 1.

The trailer didn’t do much better at hyping us up either. Whoever edited that trailer did a poor job at it. At times, I thought that my laptop froze up when I saw a black screen with audio and no visuals.

I won’t lie, I’ve slightly lost faith in this anime doing well in season 2. Let me know what your thoughts are for this season. Season 2 will begin sometime in April.


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