So, bet you didn’t expect a game like this huh? Or maybe you did, you’ve anticipated this day for years. Either way, Drone Strike Force is here that it lets you control drones in an online shooter gameplay.

Here’s the quick rundown on this game:

Drone Strike Force is a challenging online shooter with three-dimensional gameplay for competitive, skill-based combat with drones. Fly and shoot at high velocity while using the environment and your drone’s agile capabilities to outmaneuver enemies and give your team the win. Choose from a number of unique drones, weapons, perks and abilities to customize each loadout to your own personal playstyle.



As the effects of climate change accelerated, many governments faced immense challenges with dwindling financial resources. Out of necessity, they began to partner with powerful global corporations such as Metacorp who could provide the critical infrastructure and financial support they no longer possessed.
Not everyone trusted MetaCorp’s motivations. There were those who were highly skeptical and began publicly voicing their opinions. Seeing the threat this presented to their substantial investments and ongoing interests, MetaCorp turned to aggressive means to silence them.


Their most effective weapons were the devastating weaponized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, that came to be known as Silencer Drones. The opposition groups were nearly hunted into extinction, but what was left of them organized into an organization called the Anonymous Decentralized Democracy (ADD) and began to fight back.

Led by hackers who learned how to hack into MetaCorp’s communication nodes and take control of their silencer drones to use against them. ADD has vowed to not allow any city to fall under the control of MetaCorp and has launched a fleet of silencer drones to disrupt MetaCorp’s plans by taking possession of the drone communication nodes MetaCorp has placed throughout the world’s distressed cities.

Alright, I won’t like, this game peaked my interest quite a bit. If the game lives up to the  feel of the cinematic parts of the trailer, then this might be one game to keep an eye out on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to add a battle royale mode in this game. I mean, at this point, it’s has become an essential. It’s not needed but you can’t got to any shooter game reveal and not see people ask for a BR mode.

The graphics actually look pretty nice but I will admit that I had some trouble in seeing what was happening on the screen. I can’t tell if it;s the motion blur or the screen shake but either way, as look as this game a plethora of option on the PC version to turn things off, I’m good.

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