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Man, oh man! THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 10 – 130146 hit the feels hard. I honestly don’t have words to describe how amazing this episode was. From the pacing, character development, the music and the overall atmosphere, damm it was all amazing.

So after Norman comes back to explain what he saw, it was clear as day that escape was not possible. The farm was situated on a hexagonal property, surrounded by cliffs and the only way to escape was through the bridge. In the end Norman gave in to his despair and gave up, hoping that Ray, Don, Gilda and Emma would continue with the escape plan. Watching as he had to say goodbye to his family was kinda painful. They really did an amazing job at conveying almost realistic emotions in that scene. It didn’t help that they added a flashback to when Norman was sick and both Emma and Ray would visit him daily, despite Mom not wanting them to, to avoid them getting sick.

You know when we get flashbacks for any character, it usually means that they’re about to die for sure. However, I feel like this time, it might not be the case here and I’ll discuss why later. Anyways, Norman says goodbye to the rest of the family and while Emma once again tries to stop Norman, it was futile. Now as he went out with Mom, he asks her a very interesting question been, “are you happy?”, which stuns her for a bit. This was our first indication that Mom might be fooling herself in her mission to raise these kids for the demons.


Once we got to the entrance of the supposed bridge where the other girl from the first episode died, Mom actually leads Norman to a room. We didn’t actually see him die so my guess is that he’s still alive for some unknown reason. Anyways, months go by and things started taking shape. Ray became super depressed and gave up on escaping, meanwhile Emma is also depressed but not on the same level as Ray. It was kinda sickening to see Mom carry out her job, knowing she just sent one of her children to their death.

It doesn’t end there, while Emma was mourning the lose of her friend, Mom came to visit. This woman had the audacity to try and convince Emma to become a caretaker like her. Really?Bro, she was wilding for that one. Months went by and it was time for Ray to be shipped next. He was completely gone, singing alone in the food-hall. This is where Emma came in and Ray asked the question of whether she’s giving up. Then he changes the question to a statement in accusing her of not giving up. What came next was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen, Emma’s wicked smile. Who knows what she’s planning.

Overall, this episode was amazing! There’s nothing that I could say that I didn’t like, everything was just well done. We still don’t know if Norman died or not and we never learned what not in that note that Sister Krone wrote for the kids. Everything’s still in the dark with how this series might conclude but I’m all for it.

4 thoughts on “THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 10 – 130146: REVIEW

  1. The tease of whether Norman is or isn’t dead is kind of killing me because I can’t decide what this story is more likely to go with. But I absolutely loved this episode. It was just so good and nailed the emotions in each scene.

  2. This episode is brilliant! Simply brilliant! It got layers to it: underneath the rollercoaster ride of emotions there are some smaller bits of info that give additional insights about characters and what is going on.
    When I first watched it I was feeling very sad and depressed about what was going on. All hope was lost and it really seemed that Emma and Ray are done for due to the fact that Norman is no longer with them. But as soon as I saw the final seconds – it hit me: their depression was a ruse.
    Because of course it was:
    1) It was already established how strongly Emma believed in the idea of escaping in the previous episodes.
    2) In this very episode Norman directly states to Emma to never give up, like passing her the torch. And we know that she will hold his last words close to her heart, considering the strength of their connection.
    3) We even get a scene with the kids when they were little. While it might seem that this is a nostalgic peace about paper cups and Norman connection with Emma, it also shows that you can’t stop Emma. She simply refuses to back down and manages to reach her goal despite all odds.
    I realized that I was initially looking at Emma and Ray depression from Mother’s perspective. She thought about them as of the most important kids (both in terms of most tasty food and the minds behind the escape plan). So if she was sure that they are moping in the pit of depression and give up – then everything is fine.
    But during the second watching of the episode I started looking for clues and other things came into focus: other kids (the twins, the ever present Phil, Don and Gilda) were doing something strange: some weird choice of toys and activities, serious and determined faces, etc. It seems that they were up to something. Like it is some sort of training, just not in the way of game of tag as it was before. I just refuse to believe that Don and Gilda just gave up on the spot and started playing with others just for the fun of it, so maybe they were furthering the plan somehow, while Mother was focused on Emma and Ray being miserable?
    It was easy to skip the first time around as the sadness of the main characters was definitely in my face the whole time. But this seems to be the beauty of this trick.
    Additional thoughts on Isabella:
    It seemed to me that when Mother went to ‘console’ Emma, she was actually talking to herself. She wanted to project her worldview and shout to herself, that the choice she made all those years ago is still the right one. She was just saying all of this out loud to once again calm herself and keep her worldview intact. It was also like an extension of her answer to Norman about happiness (because his question shook her). That basically her path is the only path to happiness that is possible within the existing system. Hard stuff.

    1. Yeah) Also, after rewatching it for the third time I noticed one more interesting thing: the tune that Ray was humming at the end (before meeting Emma in the kitchen) was the same as the one Mother was humming to Conny in the first episode. Coupled with the fact that in episode 9 Ray was telling about his fetus memories and how he remembers someone humming to him, this might be a hint that he is the actual son of Isabella. The one the she gave birth to as the part of the ‘Mother’ program.

  3. During the scene where Mom was talking to Emma about becoming a mom, she mentioned one detail about the position that stuck out to me because I have been curious about this since the beginning. Mom mentioned that while also becoming an adult, she would “have a child”. So Emma herself would become a mother to a child(or children) that would grow up to most likely die. So I am starting to think that the different babies and kids that come into these “plants” are coming from Moms in training. So where do they get the male end to making a baby from? But other than that, I believe that Norman is still alive, but he may be used for the benefits of the demons.

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