After refusing to hear Melty out, Naofumi switches to planning for the next Wave. When a bunch of young soldiers ask to join his party, he agrees, but on a certain condition. Things started to look good for Naofumi but The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 10 showed us that the kingdom is hellbent on making his life a living hell.

It looks like the actions of Naofumi is starting to pay off. I really liked how the people from the village he helped from the last waves have started to show their appreciation. Some have even decided to join up with him. Reminds me of how RPG with moral mechanics work, with the world responding to every action you take. However, Naofumi asked them to pay 150 silver coins for a necklace to proof their allegiance. Most of them looked like fodder characters right now, so I doubt they’ll be long running characters but we will have to wait and see. However, when they did manage to get the money, he asked them to buy better gears so maybe some will start to look unique afterwards.


In the meantime, while those guys are farming away for the coins, Naofumi learns that himself and the rest of the squad are ready for a class upgrade. This was very interesting as I didn’t think they’d have class upgrade in this world, or at the very least I hadn’t considered the possibilities. On top of the class upgrade costing 15 gold, it was here that we learned that the King once again made some dumbass rule to prevent the Shield Hero from upgrading to the next class. You just gotta love how persistent that King is at hating Naofumi at this point huh? This lead to the squads having to leave the Kingdom for another place that has a dragonglass for upgrade.

Instead Raphtalia got a new sword and Filo got some new steel talons to increase a damage output. There was a run in too with Ren and Itsuki as both have been wondering about who’s been stealing their jobs. They soon confronted Naofumi about it but Naofumi made it clear that he’s been cleaning up their messes from the very beginning. Now, we still don’t know what the Queen is up to but it’s very clear that she’s on the Shield Hero’s side, now all we gotta do is wait for Naofumi to exit his emo stage and talk to Melty.

Now we did see a women standing on top of a cliff as if she’s awaiting the waves or that she’s the one behind them. I guess ww’ll have to wait till next wee to learn who she is. Overall, solid episode.

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