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Disney’s Latest Aladdin Official Trailer Has Impressed Me!

Remember when we all had that worry about Will Smith’s weird CGI genie? Well, I’ll be honest this new trailer completely washed those worries away.

The new Disney’s Aladdin Official Trailer showed us a much better look the live  adaptation and I’m impressed. I even think they cleaned up the CGI for the genie too. The only one thing that people seem to have issues with at this point is Jafar. Apparently, the actor playing as Jafar is not menacing enough. To be fair Jafar’s facial structure in the animations was a bit weird to begin with so there’s little they can do with that. For me, he’s fine enough. It’s his voice that I can agree needs some tweaking. It’s too high pitched for the role of Jafar. Maybe we’ll get used to it as we watch the movie but that’s too soon to tell.

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